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Do You Know How to Operate A Hydraulic Press Correctly?

First, let me give you a brief introduction to the hydraulic press!

Main Working Range of Hydraulic Press

A hydraulic press is a machine that uses liquid as a working medium to transfer energy to achieve various processes. In addition to being used for forging and forming, hydraulic presses can also be used in straightening, pressing, packaging, flanging, and pressing plates.

So what kinds of hydraulic presses are there?

It depends on what elements we classify according to.

According to the structural form, the hydraulic press is mainly divided into four-column type, single-column type (C type), horizontal type, vertical frame, universal hydraulic press, etc.

According to the application, it is mainly divided into metal forming, bending, stretching, punching, powder (metal, non-metal) forming, pressing, extrusion, etc.

Now we have all learned a little about the hydraulic press, would you like to learn how to operate this machine?

How to operate it correctly and safely.

1. When operating the hydraulic press, the operator must conduct training in this area before operating the hydraulic press. Only after mastering the performance of the equipment and the operating technology can he perform independent operations.

2. Before the operation, remove all kinds of sundries on the mold, and clean all the dirt on the hydraulic machine rod.

3. When the mold is installed on the hydraulic press, it must be carried out without power on the hydraulic press. When installing, first cut off the power supply of the hydraulic press. Don’t make trouble for yourself by making trouble. In addition, it is forbidden to poke the start button, the handle, and the foot on the foot switch.

4. Adjust the centering of the upper and lower molds, and then adjust the gap between the molds. Do not make the single side of the mold deviate from the center. After confirming and fixing the mold, carry out the pressure test.

5. When the hydraulic machine is in normal use, idle the equipment for about five minutes in advance. At the same time, check whether the oil level of the mailbox is sufficient, whether the sound of the oil pump is normal, the hydraulic unit and the pipeline, the joint, and the piston. Whether there is any leakage phenomenon. Be sure to pay attention to the safe use of hydraulic presses.

The above steps are the key to operating the hydraulic press, but there are more words about the operation.

Some more words about the operation of the hydraulic press

Its working principle

The hydraulic press uses various hydraulic valves to convert energy and adjust transportation to complete the process action cycle. The hydraulic press can be used for shaping, correcting, and trimming of products in various industries.

The user must be familiar with it

It has a wide range of uses. It has certain operating specifications. The person who operates it must be familiar with the performance of the hydraulic press. Do not use it with overload.

Must check it before using

When using it, you must lubricate and refuel according to the regulations, and check whether it is normal. Before starting the machine, check whether the mold is matched and whether the material meets the operating requirements. Do not put the body parts between the mold and the indenter to avoid danger. The machine needs to be maintained after a long time. Maintaining the hydraulic function can prolong the use time.

The machine should be lubricated and maintained regularly

If the machine is used for more than a year, the old hydraulic oil should be released and new hydraulic oil should be added. The oil suction pipe should be checked and cleaned frequently to see if the oil filter net is clean. If it is not clean, it should be washed immediately. After a period of time, it should be checked whether the handle buttons are in good condition, if they are damaged, they must be replaced in time to avoid delays in work or personal injury.  

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