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Manufacture wheelbarrow hydraulic press


Product Description

The hydraulic press can be used for the process of stretching, flanging, cutting, leveling of metal products. The hydraulic press is equipped with servo numerical control system, servo numerical control system with low noise, small volume, energy saving and power saving, adjustable speed, adjustable pressure, smooth operation of the equipment, large screen LCD touch screen, human-machine interface is clear and humane, convenient operation.

Customized effective working surface, opening, stroke, etc. according to customer requirements

Quenching table
After the stress is reasonably distributed, good rigidity and high strength, it is made of high quality steel plate, with “T” shaped groove on the machined surface after vibration aging or tempering treatment, which is used to fasten and install the mold.

Hydraulic cylinders

Cylinder parts use imported seals; three-layer welding process, service life increased

Manufacture wheelbarrow hydraulic press

Operating Box

Centralized control operation with clear functions; ergonomically designed buttons; improved productivity

Manufacture wheelbarrow hydraulic press

Round steel column

Made of 45# round steel with hard chrome plating on the guide surface, high precision and beautiful surface

Manufacture wheelbarrow hydraulic press

Electrical system

Adopting electrical components with good stability and neat and reasonable electrical box lines.

Piston rod
Finish grinding on external circular bed for high precision and fit internal seal for precision fit.

Manufacture wheelbarrow hydraulic press

High pressure oil hose

The use of seamless steel pipe effectively solves the problem of easy aging and poor pressure resistance of hydraulic oil pipe


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