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Three Beam and Eight Column Hydraulic Press

A three-beam and eight-column hydraulic press features a specific design for precision operations. Comprising a top, moving, and bottom beam, with eight columns ensuring stability, it’s ideal for tasks like deep drawing and molding.


Product Description

A three-beam and eight-column hydraulic press generally refers to the structural design of a specific type of hydraulic press machine. The terminology is a reference to the number of beams and columns that are used in the construction of the press.

Three-beam Structure:

  • Top Beam (Crosshead): The top beam is usually fixed, and it typically houses the main cylinder which powers the downward motion of the press.
  • Moving Beam (Slide or Ram): This is the middle beam, which moves up and down during the operation. It’s typically connected to the hydraulic cylinder and delivers the pressing action.
  • Bottom Beam (Bed or Base): This is the fixed bottom structure where the workpiece is placed and operations like molding, forming, punching, etc., are performed.

Eight-column Structure:

  • The eight columns provide stability and alignment to the moving beam. They ensure that the pressing force is evenly distributed and the slide moves vertically without any angular deviation. This design provides a rigid structure, enabling the press to handle very high pressures.

Applications of Three-beam and Eight-column Hydraulic Press:

  1. Deep drawing operations
  2. Molding
  3. Punching and stamping
  4. Forging
  5. Bending and straightening
  6. Powder compacting


  1. High Stability: The structure is very rigid and stable. It can handle very high pressures without deflection.
  2. Precise Operations: The eight-column design ensures that the moving beam descends perfectly vertically, which is crucial for many precision applications.
  3. Efficient Load Distribution: The eight columns ensure an even distribution of loads, preventing any localized stress points.
  4. Versatility: These presses can be used for a wide range of operations because of their sturdy design.


  1. Space Consumption: Due to their robust structure, they can occupy more space than other designs.
  2. Cost: The manufacturing of these types of presses can be more expensive than simpler designs because of the additional columns and beams.

If you’re looking into purchasing or working with a three-beam and eight-column hydraulic press, always consult with manufacturers or experts in the field to ensure that the press meets the specific requirements of your intended application.

Product features

Easy to operate

Can achieve a wide range of stepless speed regulation during operationStable performanceSmall size, light weight, low motion inertia and good dynamic performance of the hydraulic drive

Long life

Since oil is generally used as the transmission medium, the hydraulic components are self-lubricating and have a long service life.

Hydraulic Press Detail display

Servo system
Servo oil pump system combines the fast infinitely adjustable speed characteristics of the servo motor and the autonomous adjustment of oil pressure characteristics of the hydraulic oil pump to bring greater energy-saving potential, with energy-saving rates as high as 30%-80%

Electrical accessories
Electrical selection of well-known brands such as Delixi, safe and reliable, clear lines of the distribution board, equipped with time relays, which can achieve delayed control, the distribution of gas schematic when shipped, so that customers are more comfortable and worry-free.

PLC touch screen control
Human-machine interface, through the intelligent system to control the whole machine parameters adjustment, machine operation, convenient parameter adjustment

Cartridge valve system
Adopts cartridge valve integrated system to reduce leakage points, reliable action and long service life. Two-way cartridge valve controls the flow and pressure of hydraulic oil, making the pressure more stable


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