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Four Column Hydraulic Press Machine


Product Description

Y32 hydraulic machine structure advantages

The machine mainly consists of bed, oil cylinder, hydraulic system, electric, motor, column, table and other parts, the bed is made of steel plate welding or casting, in the form of three beams and four columns structure, the main machine is separated from the hydraulic station, and the high and low liquid level is indicated by the oil mark. The electricity is controlled centrally. Y32 series four-column hydraulic press is a multi-function hydraulic press, which is suitable for correcting shaft parts, profiles and bush-type parts press fit. It can also be used for bending sheet metal parts. Coining, forming. It can also be used for pressing less demanding powder and plastic products, press-fitting and testing automotive parts.

Y32 hydraulic machine Process advantages

The whole machine is welded by submerged arc welding, and after welding, it is processed by vibration to ensure the degree of non-deformation of the body; the body is welded by Q235, and the internal stress is eliminated by high temperature treatment, stress relief annealing, normalizing and natural aging treatment to ensure the performance of the body and prevent the frame from deformation and damage. The hydraulic station and the main machine can be separated or connected as a whole structure, the position can be selected, and the high and low liquid level is displayed by the oil mark. The four guide pillars and piston rods of this series of hydraulic press are quenched and plated with copper and hard chrome to ensure the wear resistance and high roughness of the surface, which is wear-resistant and durable.

Y32 hydraulic machine Product details

Electrical accessories

The electrical selection of well-known brands such as Delixi is safe and reliable. The switchboard circuit is clear. It is equipped with a time relay, which can realize delay control. The electrical schematic diagram is provided at the time of delivery, which makes customers more comfortable and worry-free.

PLC touch screen control

Man-machine interface, through the intelligent system to control the parameter adjustment of the whole machine, the machine parts are running, and the parameter adjustment is convenient.

Cartridge valve system

The cartridge valve integrated system is adopted to reduce leakage points, reliable action and long service life. The two-way cartridge valve controls the flow direction and pressure of the hydraulic oil to make the pressure more stable.

Host part

All major structural parts of the fuselage adopt steel plate welding structure, and the welding adopts carbon dioxide gas shielded welding to eliminate internal stress after welding.

Hydraulic system

The hydraulic system is mainly composed of pumps, valve blocks, filling valves, cooling and filtering systems, pipelines, etc., with the help of the electrical control system to control various actions of the hydraulic press

Y32 hydraulic machine Product manufacturing


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