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Four-column hydraulic presses


Product Description

Four-column hydraulic presses

Four-column hydraulic presses are also known as general-purpose hydraulic presses, is a very wide range of press equipment; uses include metal stretching plastic sheet metal bending, powder forming, assembly, molding, stamping, hot press forming, etc., the detailed parameters of the conventional machine can consult the sales manager, the conventional machine can not meet the demand can also be selected and adjusted according to the process and needs of the customer’s friends, the specific can be directly contact us For more details, please contact us directly.

The details of superb craftsmanship are seen in the real

1. Computerized finite element analysis
Using computerized finite element analysis, the structure is scientifically and reasonably laid out to ensure structural strength and practicality.

2.Fully automatic undercutting
Use CNC plasma and flame cutting machine for precise undercutting

3. Welding
The body is welded with high quality steel plate di-bonding

4. Large CNC armor milling machine
Precision machining of the machine body can be done with an accuracy of ±0.01mm.

5.Medium frequency quenching
Oil cylinder piston rod by medium frequency quenching treatment to strengthen the surface hardness and extend the service life

6. Cylindrical grinding machine
The cylinder piston rod is made of high quality round steel and finely ground by cylindrical grinding machine to ensure roundness and smoothness.

Wide range of applications

Composite materials
Resin manhole covers, FRP fans, septic drainage panels, meter boxes, septic tanks, drains, auto parts, FRP water tank panels, cable bridges, plastic pallets.

Metal stretching

Anchor tray, stainless steel tank plate, dinner plate, stainless steel sink, tricycle carriage plate, wheel hub, steel and wood door embossing, headers, electric car parts, corrugated plate, gutter cover …..


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