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Hydraulic Deep Drawing Press Machine


Product Description

Detailed structure of Hydraulic Deep Drawing Press Machine:

The disc end/slot end hydraulic drawing and forming machine consists of machine body, main cylinder, stroke limiting device, lubrication device, hydraulic power system and electrical system. The machine body is composed of upper beam, slider, table, column, lock nut and guide bush. It is composed of a slider that moves linearly up and down along the four columns driven by the oil cylinder. The disc end/slot end hydraulic drawing and forming machine is generally designed as a hollow box structure with ribs added in the middle and important parts made cylindrical. The ribs are more dense in the parts with high loads to improve rigidity and reduce local stress. The ribs are generally arranged in a grid or radial pattern. There is an oiling hole at the guide hole of the middle beam, which can inject lubricant to lubricate the column. The upper beam is installed with a working cylinder, and the lower beam can be set with an ejector hole according to the pressing process to install an ejector hydraulic cylinder device.

The upper, middle and lower beams of the hydraulic press are made of domestic high-quality steel plate Q235B-cutting-welding, good rigidity-polishing-clearing of welding slag, weld slag and oxide skin. The crossbeams are rough machined and finish machined. Fine-milling surface- boring processing, so that the shape and position of each hole is precise – milling T-slot – chamfering and deburring – spraying anti-rust paint inspection and then put into storage

Hydraulic Deep Drawing Press Machine Product Details

The cylinder body material is high quality 45# steel to ensure uniform material; all piston rod surfaces are hard chrome plated

The material of column is 45# steel, grinded by tempering process and electroplated with hard chrome on the surface; it can improve the hardness and keep the finish.

The body is welded by steel plate, tempered by carbon dioxide gas shielded welding or aged by vibration apparatus to eliminate internal stress, ensuring that the body is not easily deformed.

Electrical system
Electrical components adopt international brand equipment for safe operation, reliable work, intuitive action and easy maintenance

Hydraulic system
Hydraulic system using cartridge valve integrated system, the valve flow rate, anti-pollution, flexible control, reliable performance, easy to maintain the main valve should be a two-way cartridge valve requires hydraulic system with overload protection device

PLC touch control
Human-machine interface, through the intelligent system to control the whole machine parameters to regulate the operation of the machine, the parameters are easy to adjust.

Use conditions of head stretcher:

1. Temperature of equipment working area: 0~50℃ (±)
2. Power supply: three-phase four-wire system 380V, 50HZ, voltage fluctuation range 380V± 10%
3. Cooling method: water cooling device
4. Medium used in the hydraulic system: No. 46 anti-wear hydraulic oil


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