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Manufacture LPG tank hydraulic press


Product Description

As one of the professional LPG gas tank/cylinder production line machines/equipments, this product has a very important role. If you want to know more about LPG gas tank/cylinder production line machines/equipments, you can click to view the details, or contact us directly.

Manufacture LPG tank hydraulic press product Details

Servo system
The servo oil pump system combines the fast stepless speed regulation characteristics of the servo motor and the self regulating oil pressure characteristics of the hydraulic oil pump, bringing great energy-saving potential, with an energy-saving rate of up to 30% -80%
Cartridge valve system
Adopting an integrated system with plug-in valves, reducing leakage points and ensuring reliable operation and long service life. The two-way plug-in valve controls the flow and pressure of hydraulic oil, ensuring stable pressure.
Operating system
Independent hydraulic and electrical control system, using button centralized control, can achieve two forming processes: fixed stroke and constant pressure, with pressure display, stroke, pressure adjustment, and other functions
Electrical accessories
Schneider is selected for electrical design, which is safe and reliable. The distribution board circuit is clear, and the electrical schematic diagram is provided when shipping, making it more comfortable and worry free for customers.
Hydraulic pump station
Hydraulic pumps can be made into integral or split structures according to customer needs, using four types of pressure output pumps: low pressure, medium pressure, high pressure, and ultra-high pressure.

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